Kathy Regan
"Jackie has taken the fear out of tech for me! In the past, I would get overwhelmed and was totally intimidated by tech - and by working with anyone that could help me. Honestly, many times I was made to feel like an idiot by people I was paying to help get my tech issues straightened out. Jackie was so approachable, and explained everything in such an easy-to-understand way. I never felt judged - only helped. I learned so much from her that I use daily. Once she knew what my business entailed and what tech stack it took - she made phenomenal suggestions that have streamlined my work, made me much more productive and efficient, and actually saved me money. She breaks everything down into bite-sized pieces and make sure I understand it before we progress. Step-by-step, tech-by-tech. Jackie is my own IT department! She is an integral part of my business."