About Jackie Zimmerman

The Queen of GSD

On an average day, you can find me designing and launching digital content for entrepreneurs, advocating for women-owned businesses, and generally helping everyone increase their productivity by about five hundred percent.

I specialize in creating captivating web design, guiding online course creation, and implementing time-saving automation systems.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I know how to convert creative energy into successful ventures, and I am passionate about inspiring small business owners to dream big.

As an expert in turning lemons into lemonade, I have channeled two chronic illness diagnoses into a side career in patient advocacy. I founded a nonprofit for women with IBD and/or ostomies called Girls with Guts, and my patient advocacy game is so strong I’ve written eBooks, advocated in Washington, given keynote speeches and launched various community platforms to support patient care.

In the rare moments when I’m not Getting Shit Done, I’m snuggling my three rescue animals and my husband, Adam. As a chronic illness veteran and former roller derby athlete, I am extremely difficult to knock down—and extremely stubborn about always getting back up.


Jackie Zimmerman (she/her)


How do I know what I know? That’s a great question I’d love to tell you.
  • Bachelor’s degree in fine arts concentrated in graphic design and a minor in graphic communications.
  • Master’s degree is in library and information science with a focus on instructional design.
  • I am a self taught web designer. I first learned WordPress around 2003 out of necessity of being a broke college kid who wanted to be a blogger. Since then I’ve kept up on the trends, and learned new systems.

A few of my clients


Fun Facts About me


I'm a patient advocate

For almost two decades, I’ve been advocating for the rights of patients and caregivers. I live with both multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis. Through my journey, I’ve traveled around the country, talked on The Hill, met thousands of patients, started a nonprofit and partnered with healthcare companies to improve the patient experience. If you want to learn more about my advocacy you can do that by clicking HERE.

JackieAdam-3 copy

I hit the jackpot in the husband department

Adam is my ride or die in the happiest sense of the term. I never had plans to marry anyone and then this guy came waltzing into my life with his infectious smile and contagious laugh. That makes him sound like the common cold. He’s anything but common and if he was a cold, I’d gladly spend the rest of my days with him by my side and a bottle of DayQuil in my hand.


I have a slew of animals

1 puppy. 2 cats. Sometimes I think we’re totally bananas but then one of them does something cute and I forget that the dog wakes up at 5am and the cats knock everything off the tables. The little cat that likes everyone is Chicken Nugget. The other cat is Sally Jessy Raphael and she hates everyone. Hazenut is our latest addition and her absolute bestie is our cat Chicken.


I like to create

I love to create and build anything that keeps my hands busy. I crochet, paint, wood work and make a ton of messes. I think that even bad art is still art, so I’m not a master at anything but I haev a great time learning new things. 

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