Question sessions.

Come at me bro…with your questions.

How it works:
Once a month I’m offering an hour of open “pick my brain” time! Each hour will max out at 5 participants and I’ll ask that you register and pay $25 to reserve your spot. We’ll divide the time among participants equally so if you’re the only one who shows up on that day and time, you’ll get the full hour! Below you’ll see some examples of the types of questions we can tackle in this format. 

Website basics

  • What hosting platform is best for you
  • Best practices
  • Help picking your domain
  • Adding lead magnets to your website
  • Quick lessons on the Divi builder

Choosing the right platforms for your business

  • Where and how to host your website
  • What email marketing service should you use
  • Where to host your online course
  • What social media scheduler to use
  • Ask me about the tools I use!

New Business Ideas

  • How to get started
  • What paperwork you need
  • How to find your clients

Canva Basics

  • How to use Canva for social media
  • How to set up your Canva account for maximum productivity
  • The most helpful Canva features

Branding Basics

  • How to make your brand more cohesive
  • How to update your social channels to match your brand
  • Different file types and the places you can use them
  • The elements of a good brand

What We Can’t Do

Live troubleshooting – this often takes too much time to do in this type of format, but you’re welcome to bring your questions to the hour and we can discuss ways that you can move forward.

Quick Links

  • GSD Day Info
  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Promo Graphics

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