You know your shit. I’ve got a background in instructional design.

Together we’re a match made in internet educational heaven.

So many people get hung up on planning what they’ll do once they’ve deployed their online courses, they forget to actually develop them. Sure, you can plan your landing pages and click funnels till you’re blue in the face but does it really matter if your content is subpar? We will work together, before you launch, to make sure you’re developing a solid online course from the moment you start outlining.

Notes for online course development

From concept to launch

I can help you with every stage of development for your online education offerings.


You write it and I make it happen.


I’ll get your tech in place, develop an email pipeline and all the accompanying graphics you’ll need. I’ll help you track your students’ progress, design that landing page and more.

Online Course Development

  • Course outline brainstorm, development and review sessions
  • Detailed development plans for every minute leading up to your launch
  • Creating landing pages
  • Uploading and managing your content on your course platform
  • Handout/Textbook layout
  • Editable PDFs, forms and worksheet creation
  • Designing social media promotional images
  • Pre-launch email campaigns with custom email templates
  • Unlimited emails support with me through the duration of your pre-launch phase

Webinar Prep

  • Registration site/landing page creation
  • Digital promos for social channels and newsletters
  • Email campaigns (content development and delivery)

So what do you say?

I say let’s do some online course development together!


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