Slay The Day

And your to do list. 

You’ve got a growing to do list full of all the things you “should” do, right?

Update your social media images to be on brand

Create those social promos

Finalize that eBook

Make header images for your podcast

Layout your course material

Make those forms editable

Find someone I trust to help with this list!

Social Media Facelift


Social media facelift, woman standing in a field with text that reads New Post

To Do List Slaying

Great for:

Designing forms, workbooks, landing pages, email marketing, online course materials

If you need workbooks or digital forms for your business this is the option for you. Or maybe you’d like to finally build that landing page or bring your email design into this century. For all those things filling up your to do list, that don’t seem very fun, send them my way and we’ll free up your time.

Social Media Facelift

Great for:

A rebrand, new program launch, new products, promotions/specials

Updated profile and cover photos for all your channels and graphic templates for your posts. Promo images for every phase of your launch or your podcast episodes.

Don’t need a half day?

Maybe you just need a couple forms or a few promo images?

Looking for ideas?

Here’s my (not so) Secret Services Menu.

Still on the fence?

If you’re not ready to take the plunge, no pressure! I encourage you to book a quick call with me to talk about your ideas or questions and see if a GSD Day is a good idea for you.

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