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Get Shit Done Day

[get shē-ət dənˈdā] noun.

A single day where your mind is blown, your project is completed and your to do list is slayed.

Pink and green gradient background with the GSD Day logo

I’d like to introduce you to the GSD Day:

One Day Websites

One Day Social Media Overhaul

One Day To Do List Clean Out

Coming Soon…

One Day Brand Development

One Day Dubsado CRM Set UP

Ok but really what’s the deal with this GSD Day thing?

You pick a day…any day…and I’ll build you a complete website. Or set up your CRM system. Or knock out all those tiny little projects that keep adding up. It’s your day. You get to choose how we spend it.

Ya’ll are busy ladies and have a lot on your plates so we’re going to change the way we think about project timelines. Say goodbye to projects that last 394029484 days.

Eliminate project delays by leveraging my talents of time management and efficiency. I’ve based my whole business model on these skills, so you can better believe I’ll deliver.

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Full Day Projects


Website (Up to 4 Pages)
You supply the copy and the photos and I’ll do some magic and whip up a new or redesigned website that’s on brand and up-to-date in just one day. Watch me get this shit done. (3-4 pages in a day, 5-7 pages in two days.)
1-Page Scrolling Website

When you just need something quick and simple, you go with the 1-page scrolling site. Lots of room to grow but no pressure to develop 4 pages of content from the start.

Dubsado Set up (Coming Soon)
  • 1-hour strategy session before your day
  • Domain and Email integration
  • Up to 6 schedulers
  • Up to 10 forms/proposals with custom CSS
  • Up to 5 contracts/sub-contracts
  • Up 20 canned emails
  • 3 Custom workflows
  • 1-hour one-on-one training session
  • 15 days of support via email and training videos
Brand Design (Coming Soon)

Get your logo, color palette & font selections, icons, brand style guide + graphic templates designed in Canva for easy use.

Half Day Projects


To Do List Clean Out

Need a workbook? Digital forms? What about a landing page or designing new emails? For all those things filling up your to do list, that don’t seem very fun, send them my way and we’ll free up your time. 

Social Media Facelift

Updated profile and cover photos for all your channels and graphic templates for your posts.

How It Works

Pick Your Date

At least four weeks prior to your GSD Day

If everything looks good on your proposal, you’ll select at date AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS AWAY. Please remember while picking a day, you’ll have prep work prior (which is why you need the four weeks) and I’ll need you to be available throughout your day for questions and feedback. This needs to be a day that you’re relaxing around the house, not a day that you’ve got 324 appointments. Once you’ve carefully selected your day, you’ll fill out the form, pay a 50% deposit (or 100% if you’re a baller), we hit the ground running!

Strategy Meeting #1

4 weeks Prior to GSD Day

Before you get too far into the weeds, we’ll schedule a 1 hour strategy call to go over the project, answer your questions and make some important choices together.

Strategy Meeting #2

1 Week Prior to GSD Day

We’ll meet one last time to hash out the details. You’ll see mock ups of your site, we’ll talk about functionality and we’ll tie up any loose ends.

Prep Work

Due 7 Days Prior to GSD Day

Before our day together you’ve got some homework to do but don’t worry this is fun homework. Depending on the project we’re working on, I may ask you for some samples of styles you like, I’ll send you a questionnaire that will need your devoted attention and you’ll also get a clear guide and a checklist for how this whole thing is going to work. It’s imperative that you understand that this work needs to be done 7 days prior to the day you’ve selected. If it is not completed, we cannot continue with your selected day.

Your GSD Day

Your selected date

You’re my only client this day, which means you’ve got all my attention. I’ll log on and get started early in the morning to maximize our time. We will not be meeting live during the day, but I will ask you be available via a messaging app to work through questions and to encourage collaboration as we go. I’ll keep you posted through the whole process.

After Your GSD Day

For 15-30 days after

Once your project has been completed you’ll still have my support for an additional 30 days. I’ll be available for email support, video tutorials and will offer advice and training to make sure you’re comfortable moving forward.

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